Healing the Family

Healing the Family is a new, innovative approach to family systems therapy, specifically designed for families that wish to connect deeper with each other in emotionally healthy relationships. Healing the Family focuses on restoring the bonds and connection between parents, children, and, siblings in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere. In the past ten years, licensed psychotherapist Christopher Doyle has worked with hundreds of families in intensive family therapy, helping them understand how to love each other right, communicate in healthy ways, and develop greater intimacy with each other. An upcoming book, training manual, and certification program, Healing the Family has helped many families experience greater love, connection, and intimacy. Below are just a few testimonials from participants that have benefitted:

This was very helpful to get our family’s empathetic thoughts starting to flow. We hopefully will be able to continue in this vein. We learned about others’ perspective in many different shared experiences.

Anita R.

This process was very helpful. Since I had the help and support of Chris in the convo, my parents would listen to me. I also got to experience hurt that I didn’t know existed. Counseling, over all, did help the family identify issues that could, and couldn’t be solved.

Robert L.

Bringing the family together to talk about and share things / feelings that are usually not or never shared, a wonderful bonding experience. Chris has an excellent way about him that makes you feel safe.

-Sharon R.

Time well spent with my family. We were able to identify some specific areas that need to be addressed, our family was able to be very authentic with each other, our counselor, was very approachable, compassionate and gave us a vision of the work we need to do as a family to heal. Thank you.

– Darrel P.

Before our family therapy I was both hopeful and anxious. Hopeful because I had craved for more emotional intimacy with my family for years and was a facet of development that I needed but lacked growing up. I was anxious because I was fearful of judgement from my family, mainly parents, that my feelings would not be honored or accepted regardless, if at the end, this was a success. I realized during the weekend that it was not necessary to share & express every detail about my personal journey that I was worried about sharing. More so the overall themes that I learned & wanted to express were more important. And even if I did say every little thing, I knew my family would respect my way of doing things. Overall I feel a lot closer emotionally to my entire family and that I am more comfortable being my true self.

Joe G.

The family sessions were very “emotionally” clearing for me. I had the chance to work with each of my family members to share my emotional feelings towards them. Not in an aggressive manner but with love. I wanted to get to know them without having any reservations. Through the course I felt such deep compassion and love for them. I am very grateful for Christopher; his deep insight and desire to help our family heal from our wounds and trauma. I recommend this to all (dysfunctional) families to consider participating in the family healing sessions.

Erica C.

Meet The Author

Christopher Doyle, LPC, CCTP is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional in the commonwealth of Virginia. Living and working in the Washington, D.C. area, Christopher has fifteen years of experience practicing with individuals, couples, and families. He is internationally known for his intensive family therapy model Healing the Family, an evidence-based family systems therapeutic approach (healing-the-family.org).

Christopher is the author of several books, and his therapeutic work has been published in scientific peer-reviewed journals, including Issues in Law & Medicine and the Journal of Human Sexuality, along with many print and online outlets. He has been interviewed and featured in hundreds of media outlets, including The Dr. Oz Show, National Public Radio, CNN, NBC News, USA Today, Associated Press, ABC/ Fusion, Fox News, AOL, BuzzFeed, The Washington Post, World Magazine, The Atlantic, and many more.

When he’s not working with families, Christopher enjoys cycling and exploring the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains in western Loudoun County, Virginia with his five children!