Demonstrating Love and Communicating Effectively

We work with families to understand how they demonstrate love and communicate effectively, using what Dr. Gary Chapman calls “love languages.” People have different ways of feeling loved by and expressing love toward others. Some like to give gifts, other like to hear words of affirmation. We work with your family to understand what each person’s love language may be and how to honor the love language of another. If you feel loved when people give you gifts, you may find it easy to give gifts to others. However, if you have a family member who feels love from words of affirmation, the other person may feel as though you do not love him or her if all you do is give gifts, but never affirm the person verbally. We help you recognize what each member of your family responds to and how to demonstrate appropriate tokens of love according to various love languages. This is a powerful component to increasing emotional intimacy in the family and helps each person learn greater respect for each other.